Amazing Blogging Tips for 2020

Blogging Tips
Blogging Tips

Amazing Blogging Tips

Blogging is becoming the most popular source of Part-time earnings for many youngsters in India and Abroad. Before 10 years it was a very old style and unknown concept to us because we were laking in knowledge and the Internet. But today if we talk about youngsters and retired educated people. Most of them prefer blogging as their side carrier. There is a very big Reason Behind it and that is earning from blogging.

Those guys who consider blogging very seriously and who do it with full passion and profession on a regular basis. One who included blogging in their timetable always gets something from blogging. Now suddenly but after some time they do it.

There is a massive blunder about the earning fact that you can earn so quickly from blogging and there are lots and lots of people saying this but the reality is different. You need to invest your time to learn and money to buy assets and then you can achieve something. Kind of some bloggers who have great knowledge about this field may earn from it quickly.

Suppose a guy knows to code so he can build his website through coding or he can design an asset by coding which is unique and it may trend over the days. This is not about a blog because the blog has low authority when you start it and it grows slowly. You have to post a piece of valuable content daily and make backlinks and do SEO and other stuff and you may get some visitors on your website.

Important Steps in Blogging and Blogging Tips

Yes, you can apply some paid traffic and then you can rank your blog for a short period of time. This ranking is just a short period of time and your ranking will decrease as time passes. The main thing is you have to slowly gain some speed and then you can accelerate traffic to your blog and earn from that blog. There are a number of advertising platforms where you can submit your website. If you get approval it is your luck and hard work that your website will start generating dollars.

There is time for everything. You have learned properly for 6 months to one year and throughout that time you will develop your first blog which you can use for experimenting things or you can work hard on it and rank it.

Now let us discuss some tips which are really helpful to you through your startup journey. If you will make sure that you ensure these tips then your blog will have definitely have good results. These tips are not very hard and not very difficult so make sure to follow these through your blogging carrier.

Best Blogging Tips for 2020

The first one is related to Startup and which I consider can decide your platform for blogging. You will get two very popular blogging platforms which are blogger and WordPress. Both of these need a startup investment for example if you are investing in a blogger platform then you need to buy a domain and you will get free hosting for a lifetime.

Now when you get Adsense approval they will cut some amount of income. Now second comes WordPress which requires hosting. You need to host your website on your own server and there will be no free hosting from google. The advantage of hosting your website on your own server is you can manage your files easily and WordPress is easy to setup.

The speed and accuracy of your working are fast on WordPress compared to blogger and there are so many differences that we will be listed on our other articles. Customization and updates that we get on WordPress are quick and all your problems are solved in updates.

Most Important Tips to Rank in 2020

Many of us ask blogging experts that how many backlinks do they use to rank their blogs on the first pages of google. Now I will give you the answer to you how many backlinks are needed to rank your blog. You just need a few quality backlinks which are answering questions to solve questions of users. Content is considered asking and you must respect and the king and provide good content to your users.

Many of us don’t design our blogs well and as a result of that, we have a very high bounce rate on our website. So Simply we do not have to make our website with features that can rank on google. We miss things like we do not improve our website speed. Speed is mostly effected by theme and the theme you are using must be mobile Friendly because there are so many changes to your website to grow well if you have an amp page for especially mobile devices. Now Another bog reason fo your website to not rank is your keyword stuffing.

A keyword can be stuffed as when a user comes to our website he finds it and he sticks to our blog website Immediately. This can be possible only when you have knowledge of good keyword placement for specific keywords and specific keyword difficulty.

Visit Youtube to learn Blogging: Youtube

We Try to join a race where so many websites are already registered and they are trying to compete and we think that we will also join the race and thus we choose high CPC keywords ignoring its difficulty. Be careful that always choose a keyword with low competitions in starting and when the authority of your website boost and become. These Blogging tips can be used on every blog and these tips are very very useful to grow from little to big fast.


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