Books learning And Digital Learning

Books learning and Digital Learning
Books learning and Digital Learning

Books learning and Digital Learning

 Education is very important for one to develop his Social and intellectual status in society. By Gaining Education learn to write our thoughts and feelings through writing. We Do some Great Experiments to observe that what is Actually the difference of education on a human being as he learns many things from Education. There were really Shocking results of research on educated and non-educated people from researches.

Shows that the mind mutually grows with education and becomes a complete human being after he gets his complete education in a systematic Criterion. We have read in books that an Empty mind is a place for unusual things and this statement is really true because when we have a free mind we just feel to waste our time in Unusual things. Now creating a habit of reading something daily will definitely make your mind creative and thinkable.

Now there is a lot of Discussion around people that different modes of learning. They are very helpful for weak ones to elaborate things at high speed and understand concepts smoothly. Coming upon a fact that great scientists did not have these modern days technologies and they did all their works from books and even writing notebooks or pan papers were available at shortage only.

Then if we are comparing books learning and Digital learning. We must be having a half inclusion of age period and learning materials used in medieval times. No Electricity, not digital learning sources and they discovered such great things for us.  We are using their Discoveries. but we are not able to study well using their technologies and latest tools. What must be the reason behind this and what we must do to remove this problem from our concept?

Concept of Books Learning and Digital Learning

Books learning and Digital learning both things are best at their places. Because it is not a common source for many of us. Suppose we live in a village and go to a simple school. We must be using simple tools and if we are going to good schools then we must be using both book learning and Digital learning.

Considering both of these concepts in mind if we find a conclusion for. A student studying a good education center or a big school has so many higher facilities and still, they do not get good outcomes. Comparing those who just have sufficient books and a limited number of learning resources have proved to be good students.

It comes from our mind and spirit of mind to have concepts in mind and bring it to you. Allocating these points as Book learning and Digital Learning for every student is not necessary. The main observation needs to be a concentration of a studying student. We know that every human being on Earth has different types of Interests and they love to kick start their carrier with fields they have Interested in.

To change their focus parents hit hard them with fear of jobs. Knowing that they would be unhappy and unsatisfied with the job they will do in the future. The future says that skills will be necessary for every youngster to serve his job perfectly. Without skill, no jobs would be entertained in a modern digitized world and there would be no such jobs that did not require Skills.

Benefits of Digital Learning

The Important and most trusted advantage of Digital learning is the practicality of things through videography and other graphs representation. Students with different fields can make great use of technology to dig real concepts.  Students of history and Science are considered to take the most advantage because of mechanisms in science.

As the working of machines and the reaction of chemicals is fatherly detailed through a video representation. Students of history would not open old books and waste a lot and lots of time to find a small most important point. They would just type in and the result comes out Easily from google search engine. Refinement of data is done through this process and data comes out as a result quickly as possible.

Now as modern language is having an exchange with old methods. Most of the schools have started installing some small or big smart classes and they are making a habit for children to learn from digital sources like videos or smart classes and they are called smart class.

The basic requirement for a smart class is a simple whiteboard a projector. That can be small or big and some audio devices like speakers. Whiteboard can be replaced by small white cloth or white walls. Now it is difficult for students to access these smart classes at their homes because they are paid and it is difficult for you to pay.

Disadvantages of Digital Learning

Now let us have a gap from the advantages or benefits of Digital learning and come to some harmful and Risky points. Children have a week understanding of things and they can be looted so easily. They can be addicted to bad habits through the internet and bad content on the internet is available at a high rate.

Some students who have zero interest in studies may use digital products for some wrong mean purposes. They may play games, watch online videos and skip classes held online because no one is there to attend them. Right guides and mature teacher is a must for someone to Study well.


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