Government Jobs – What Is Government Job ?

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What Is Government Job

Everybody wants to earn money. Everybody needs money to survive in this world. Without money, no one can survive.

To earn money people do various things. Some start their own business, some work for other people, some search for jobs, etc.  there are a lot of ways. But when we talk about jobs there are two types of jobs. One is private jobs and another is government jobs.

Private jobs may be paying more than government jobs but still, people want to get government jobs because it has more facilities and job security.

In government jobs, there are very, very fewer chances to lose the jobs but in private jobs, you can fire out any time. That is the big difference between government jobs and private jobs. The best secure way to earn money is by getting government jobs.

Most government jobs aspirants are mainly from the lower middle class and middle class. Now the younger generation has much interest in government jobs and there is a large crowd who aspiring for it because Government jobs pay regularly and it is secured. And that’s why it has a lot of competition.

Most youths in India have an obsession with government jobs. Preferences are given more to government jobs. If a government job is set then life is set because in government jobs the workload is very less and the salary is high and you will enjoy more holidays.

It is easy to get a job in the private sector, but it is a bit difficult to get jobs in the government sector. Many people’s dream is to get a government job. They prepared very hard to get a Government Job. People’s first choice is to get a government job. In India government job is considered as a lottery win.

The best part of the government job is that, if you are a young man and have a government job you will get hundreds of marriage proposals easily. Government jobs holder gets more respect in society compared to others. They have greater social acceptability.

Let’s talk about the benefits of Government Jobs. There are lots of benefits of Government Jobs such as:

  1. Job Security

The first benefit of Government Jobs is that it has job security. If you are doing private jobs then no matter how well you do your job, you can fire out from your job anytime. But in Government Jobs, it is very difficult. Your job is secured.

  1. Good Salary & Guaranteed monthly salary

The second benefit of a government job is that you get a good salary and another good thing is that you will get your salary on time, every month. That’s why people love government jobs.

  1. Increase in Salary

The third benefit of Government Jobs is that your salary increases regularly, at least a 3% increase every year, along with your salary also increases as inflation increases.

  1. Get More Respect

The fourth benefit of government jobs is that when you get a government job your respect increases in your society. People in your society start respecting you and their opinion about your changes.

  1. Holiday facility

The fifth benefit of Government Jobs is holiday facilities. Government employees get at least 14 casual holidays every year. In addition to this, if an employee becomes ill, he can also take 365 days of medical leave during his entire service period. There are some other benefits for women, they also get 6-month maternity leaves, and 2 years of childcare leave, in their entire service period. If someone wants to study further, they can also take leave to study but during that period they would not get a salary.

  1. Medical Facilities

The sixth benefit of Government jobs is free medical facilities. These facilities are given to government employees and their families. The Government will bear all your medical expenses, not just for you but for the entire family. There are some departments where these facilities are not provided.

  1. Government Quarters

The seventh benefit of a Government job is the convenience of living. The government also provides government quarters to its employees. If the government is not providing living facilities to its employees, then they are paid house rent allowance that they can rent a room where they are working.

  1. Less Workload

Another benefit of Government jobs is less workload. The pressure of work on government employees is less than that of private employees. It is not that there is no workload on government employees, they are also burdened with work, and sometimes they are heavily burdened, but such situations are rarely seen.

There is a lot of government for which you can prepare. There is high competition in government jobs and that’s why it is a little bit difficult to get a government job but if you are well prepared then you can get a government job easily.

The basic criteria for most of the government jobs are that you just have to complete your graduation. Not every job but most jobs have this criterion.

If we talk about Government Jobs in India, there are various departments that provide jobs. Such as:

  2. SSC(staff selection commission)
  3. RRB( railway requirement board)
  4. DRDO (Scientist, Engineer, Programmer)
  5. IBPS
  6. DSSSB (Clerk, Technician, Lab Assistant, Junior Engineer)
  7. Indian Navy
  8. BSF
  9. Indian Army
  10. Agricultural
  11. BSNL (Junior Engineer, Programmer, technician)
  12. Hospitality
  13. NHAI (National Highways Authority of India)

As you know there is lots of competition in government jobs you have to work hard and well prepared to get a job in the government sector.

And remember that government jobs do not give you more chance, it provides a limited number of chances. If you failed regularly in government jobs then you will have the least chance to get it. Like in UPSC the maximum age to apply is 32 years so if you are at 33 and you work hard and prepared best, you can’t attend that exam because you are now not eligible to take the exam. Right!

So before applying for a government job first read properly its criteria and then apply for it.


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