Information and Education Communication Material for Social Security Agencies

Information and Education Communication Material for Social Security Agencies


Information and Education Communication Material for Social Security Agencies

The ILO is imposing the task of Achieving SDGs and Ending Poverty through Universal Social Protection. The challenge intends to bolster the capacities of social safety establishments to enable stepped forward coordination, law, implementation of social protection schemes with the goal to decorate coverage and compliance. To obtain this, the assignment strategizes on focusing on 4 workstreams;

Improving coordination on the apex level for coherent and included policy choices vis-à-vis social protection insurance and adequacy and on the institutional (meso) level for improved governance, M&E, statistics control, and reporting;

Improving facts series, management and reporting on social safety, specifically SDG 1.3 and the 9 contingencies blanketed in ILO Convention C102;

Improving coverage thru enforcement of compliance and recognition raising;
Developing an included popular social safety scheme.

Terms of Reference
The following set of Terms of Reference reply to the strand on ‘Improving coverage of social safety through enforcement of compliance and consciousness-raising’. Currently, Pension and social protection within the formal area is extended via government schemes that employers are required to contribute to unless they had been in particular exempted through law.

The pension and social protection insurance is confined to the formal zone whereas the casual or unorganized sector falls out of doors the purview of the statutory provisions usually administered through registered public and personal companies.

The Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution

The Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) is a federal body that offers age, disability and survivors pensions. The Employees Social Security Institutions are provincial bodies (ESSls) that offer health services and a few coins benefits to employees and their families. The essential category exempted includes authorities employees, individuals of the military, and some others.

Through the aid to the third strand, the task intends to grow the effectiveness and insurance of existing social protection schemes. Measures might be taken aiming each at the ability building of social safety establishments to improve their institutional governance and; excellent offerings and powerful communique with stakeholders including both employers and people as the important thing clients (individuals) to statutory social protection schemes.

IEC Material
The consulting company might be responsible for the graphical layout and the very last format of the posters, Public Service Messages, and the Animated Documentary. High resolution, print-ready documents of the posters and edited video and audio documents of the documentary and the PSMs may be brought as the very last product.


Raw files of the graphical design and the final layout will be saved in a USB. All graphical designs, materials, and outputs turn out to be the property of the ILO and all rights will be vested inside the International Labour Organization consisting of, with none predicament, the rights to apply, put up (inclusive of the Web), or distribute privately or publicly.

Communication messages (Formats and mediums of the display)

Posters (4 unique posters; one describing the advantages for employers to register with social safety corporations; one describing the benefits of schemes and range of offerings to be had; one describing the stairs to compliance (criminal obligations and provisions)).

The poster will be designed in portrait layout and in the following length: 0.55m (length)x 0.36 m (width) or 21.6 inches x 14.17 inches.

Animated documentary (animated video of 3 mins):

The animation video might be used to speak efficiently and raise consciousness amongst contemporary direct beneficiaries of the scheme/s as well as capacity future beneficiaries. The video could be broadcasted on Social Media, YouTube and reliable web sites of relevant Social Security Schemes. The video will also be utilized in awareness-raising seminars with employers.

Major Tasks and Methodology
The consulting firm will paintings intently with the ILO Project group to conceptualize and finalize the layout of the IEC material. Specifically, the company can be accountable for:

developing a graphical layout idea for the posters; a storyboard for the video; script and narration for the PSMs
finalizing communique messages;

generating the necessary animation, characters, and infographics for the products; and
generating the final design template and layout of the products.


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