Social media and its bad habits

Social media and its bad habbits
Social media and its bad habbits

Social media and its bad habits

Social media is the most popular signaling networking which works on text messages and photos Sharing. Almost all the latest generation youth is available on social media platforms like Facebook &  Instagram. It is no doubt that people shared their images and video clips on Networking platforms and social platforms before few years. It was considered a medium of connecting to around the world but as we grew and Digital marketing grew with us.

There came an era where people found profits on social media platforms. They Considered marketing on social media more Important than just staring at other photos and passing way precious time. But the percent of beneficiary users is less than 1% and thus it makes them make great money through social media Signals and Social media Engagements.

Why People Adapted Social Media Platforms

Now, this is not a very hard Question to Answer but the main motive to present this question is to Enlighten the fact that there is a vast population that doesn’t consider Social media important rather they find it a way to cheat and disrespect others. There are lots of scams happening daily over social media platforms because there is not a good security system available on Facebook. Facebook is most common of all social media platform which we use in our daily life.

But it is also most insecure on the other side of the aspect. There is a solid reason to address this important question because a lot of fake ids are Available on Facebook. If you will create an account using Facebook you will basically notice that there is no security option or Identity verification rules in the joining process.

You can have as many accounts as you can use to cheat others. Fake accounts on social media platforms are common and it is equal on every social media site. Now that depends upon you to save yourself or become a fool and waste your time and money.

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Benefits of Social Media

On the other side of some cool disadvantage, there is a good side to the advantage that you can have from social media platforms. we also wrote some lines to mention to you that it is cool to have a good social standby.  Through which you can arrange some good resources and trades for something online. You can scale your brand using good social awareness or social brand promotions. These were just demos of the benefits of social media platforms. The happening thing that you may notice is the time gap between results.

You can have as quick results from social media marketing campaigns. Advertising fees used in these media platforms are very less compared to some old ads resources like YouTube and television. Awarding others about your brand cycle would be most easier on social media platforms as engagement is so large and interest building will be higher there.

The disadvantage of Social Media

You would be so pleased to read the article till now if you are the most common use of social media. You must be so proud to hear those ear satisfying notes. But now we will be taking a look at the deep and dark side of this most addictive thing called Social media. Now we will be talking about the highest ratio of population and their social media history. Now as there are millions of photos and videos which are Uploaded daily and every minute on social media platforms.

This shows that the engagement of the public on social media is so great. Which you can make some great profits using Social media and its bad habits. Coming on next point that you social media users gain using this I think they did not get anything and they just waste their important time in interfacing in others life. This can be considered the most important reason for unskilled youth coming up every generation getting up every year.

I did not say that social media can not be used to learn many things and build good relationships with your friends. But that can happen in only a few minutes. You can manage half-hour in your relax timing and at that time you can use social networking apps and websites. That it would result from your benefit as you would be connected to your studies plus you can connect to the outer world for a few minutes. This is the best method to manage your time from social media.


Now we will have conclusions to points that we discussed in this article and we will also mention a few important points in your bucket in very short and in such detailing that you will understand those points clearly. Now if you will notice that most of us have a very bad habit of using our phones and social media platforms every time. Even when we do our lunch we use our mobile phones. This starts in the morning until time when we sleep at night. We see off our day by using mobile phones and social media on mobile phones. From my point of view, social media replicate things in your mind and it put stress on your free mind.

Comparing a free mind and mind disturbed with social media are so different from each other. They disturb information stored in our mind and develops a weak learning mechanism. Every day we notice something new and trendy happening around the world on social media. But there is an alternative to that as news on television.

Guys hope our daily content of different niche topics. It would be making a difference in your daily life because we are putting some serious efforts to bring these daily articles for our regular readers. Sharing is a good habit and I request all my readers to have a helping hand towards our website.  Share our article on your social media and other platforms.


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